Best destinations to travel with a student's budget

Best destinations to travel with a student's budget

Students: Are you looking for a long weekend with friends while paying attention to your wallet? It is, of course, possible to leave for 3 days, even with a limited budget. For restaurants, bars, culture or other interesting places to go, you will find here a few places, which are typical and off the beaten track.

There are also good transport and rental plans for you to pay less. What more would you wish for if you can have fun without stressing about the organization.

The best destinations when you are a student

For a cheap student trip with friends or for a language study trip, here are some worthy destinations.

  • Barcelona: A destination par excellence for young people, Barcelona is a perfect city for a student trip to Spain. During the day, you will have the choice between the discovery of Barcelona, its architecture and culture and the beaches to fully enjoy a favorable climate. In the evening, it will be cocktails and tapas and party until the end of the night.
  • Palma de Mallorca: For students wanting to party, Palma is a must. In addition, for a cheap language stay, you can learn and enjoy yourself at the same time.
  • Dublin: Let's go for a cheap student trip to the land of Guinness! The Temple Bar welcomes you to listen to music, drink beer and share a very pleasant moment with locals. Here, you will party day and night, what a treat! Moreover, between two bars, do not forget to visit the Guinness Storehouse to learn everything about Irish beer.
  • Brussels: The Belgian capital is also a perfect destination for a student trip. There, you'll be able to alternate between informative tours and discovering the city's most popular bars to sample local beers and eat French fries. It may sound a little cliché and yet, it is true that Brussels knows how to offer good products.

Tips for traveling often and paying less

Travel, a luxury? Not necessarily, provided you are flexible, you anticipate and take the time to compare prices. There are also some tips for limiting your expenses to a minimum.

  • Anticipate and play on dates: Shifting your stay a few days or going on a weekend on Friday morning and return on Monday evening can divide the score by two. For example, the month of June is excellent, one of the cheapest months of the year.
  • Learn about the offers dedicated to young people: Pass, financial aid, organized stays. There are many offers specially addressed to young people.
  • Spend time comparing: When you find a price, ask yourself if there is a cheaper plane ticket. All you need to do for that is go on eDreams, the essential site for travelers. It offers flights, hotels but also activities. The site includes more than hundreds of destinations in the world.

Car rental abroad: how to pay less?

To rent your car once at your vacation location, you must also go to Indeed, the site offers car rental options all over the world. By combining plane tickets with car rental on eDreams, you'll earn more discounts or special offers.