07.12 2018

To travel for studies : which cities are the most welcoming ?

To travel for studies : which cities are the most welcoming ?

Universities, integration into a new culture, a new atmosphere, the cost of living, and new relationships, you must take all those points into consideration when studying abroad. Wherever you decide to leave for study, it is not easy to adapt immediately, to separate from your family, friends and habits. To help you choose, here is a list of countries that have the best universities.

The best universities

For those who love traveling, going to college is an excellent opportunity to excel in all areas including intellectual and sociocultural. Whether you are passionate about tastes, parties, discoveries; or you prefer peace and quiet, the following selections will allow you to have an overview on the best places to study abroad. 

  • Spain: there are more than five famous universities in this country. If you want to study journalism, medicine, philosophy, mathematics, you have a wide choice of universities. The cost of living is cheaper and the climate is both warm and festive. The cities are charming and there are sites classified as World Heritage without forgetting the natural landscapes as far as the eye can see. 
  • Italy: It is home to the largest and the most renowned university. You have a range of choice for the curriculum: law, science, economics, education ... Moreover, you can have the chance to admire places like the Academy of Fine Arts, the Cathedral of Saint-Pierre
  • Prague: The famous is the University of Karlova which is one of the oldest in Central Europe and offers more than ten subjects. The cost of living and food is lower than in other countries. 
  • Slovenia: Those who plan to become a great artist in the field of music or those who wish to deepen their knowledge in theology and architecture will find shoes at their feet in Slovenia. 
  • Belgium: the atmosphere is not always festive; however, the teaching is excellent with incredible dynamism. The setting is breathtaking with dazzling architecture.

The most enjoyable countries to live to study abroad

Apart from studying, it is important to have some fun and do activities that you are passionate about. For this, there are other countries where beaches, parties, other activities such as sports or volunteering are numerous.

It is also possible to find a job during your free time. In Australia, nightlife and access to culture are assets. Indeed, the campus is beautiful and allows students to unwind from time to time.

Once you finish your studies, you can quickly get a job. Universities in England are the most prestigious. In addition to the world of music and fashion that dominates, you can find good plans to admire arts.

Traveling with attractive rates

In the choice of his university, the price of plane tickets and displacements are important. With cheap plane tickets, you can return to your city from time to time or buy plane tickets for your relatives so they can visit you. In this context, eDreams offers the best rates for your plane tickets and for your trip. In addition, eDreams can offer you housing in case you plan to rent a studio or cohabit with other students or for your family when they visit you.